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Petersburg Humane Association   Photos of a young husky and a collie with two orange cats on a colorful sofa

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Did You Know?

An Altered View

Not only do neutering and spaying help cats and dogs live longer, healthier lives, but taking these steps also has a beneficial effect on their personalities.

In most cases, they'll be less aggressive, less stressed and more cooperative and loving.

They'll often avoid or stop territorial spraying

And they won't produce offspring to contribute to the pet overpopulation problem.


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Lost at Falls Creek!

Chilkat went exploring and is missing in the vicinity of Falls Creek. He's been gone awhile and may not be looking so hefty or well groomed. If you think you've seen him, please contact PHA at 518-1091. He's a sweetheart and we'd like to get him back!

The 2019 Petersburg Pets calendar is here

The 2019 Petersburg Pets calendar cover features a close-up of Lily, a beautiful long-haired pure white cat with gorgeous blue eyes.

Available for $15 at Petersburg Rexall Drug and the Waterways Veterinary Clinic. All proceeds go to help the companion animals of Petersburg. Only 100 calendars were printed, so get yours before they're all sold.

Walk Your Dog in a Safe Place

No need to deal with trucks, construction zones or other traffic to give your dog some exercise. The Petersburg Humane Association (PHA) provides a public dog park on land leased from the Petersburg Borough. There are fenced areas where dogs can play off leash in a natural setting. Or you can take your canine pal on an unfenced trail through the muskeg and back. The entrance is off Haugen Drive above Sandy Beach Park.

Still Looking For Homes

Buddy is an independent, camera-shy soul who came to PHA from a traumatic situation. Still, he makes friends easily in his own time. He's hyperthyroid, needs medicine twice a day and is currently in foster care.

Tabitha is a very loving cat with medical conditions that need regular treatments. She is also in foster care.

Theresa and her 2 male kittens are ready for homes. The kittens are skittish, a tendency bolstered by their feral mother.

2 female kittens who look so alike they haven't been given identifying names are all very social and amenable to lap sitting and pets.

Read more about these great cats, and if you can give one of them a home, call PHA at (907) 518-1091 and leave a voice mail with your phone number and a message. We'll call you back. (Please don't text to this number. The actual phone is not checked, only the voice mail.)

Have a Pet You Can't Keep?

Taking animals "out the road" and letting them go is sentencing them to a cruel death. If you have animals you can't find homes for and can't keep, please call 518-1091 and give us a chance to help.

Have an Intact Pet You Can't Afford to Have Fixed?

Click here for an application for financial help with this.

New Shelter Construction Project

Our cats still need your help!

Phase I of the new shelter is finished. It is an 8' x 40' cat building, located at the dog park, hooked up to borough utilities, with a small bathroom so volunteers can wash dishes, clean cat areas and fill water dishes.

The main room has two fenced areas for the cats, each with access to an outdoor play yard. There's limited storage of shelter supplies in a third unfenced area which is also used for cats in a pinch. The structure sits on a rock pad with room for the fenced play yards and a walkway to the door.

Completion of Phase I has let us put the cats in a fully-equipped shelter on PHA-leased land, but it is much smaller than the previous shelter. We can't take as many cats, and we have no shelter for dogs in cold weather.

Support for the next phases will be needed for a shelter able to hold up to 10 cats and several dogs.

Help Build a Path to Their Future

.A light buff-colored brick with the words "Lucky Truly Phenomenal Shelter Cat" imprinted on it in black lettering.

Commemorative bricks like the one above line the path to the shelter. But more bricks are needed to help fund the rest of the shelter construction. For a $100 donation, you can buy a brick to show your support of these animals with the dedication of your choice. For $200 you can get a double-size brick with twice the room for text and/or graphic.

Contact a board member to discuss your options or order online at

All donations to this project go toward the construction of PHA's Animal Shelter and are deeply appreciated.

Other Fund Raisers

Catnip Cat Mats

Two colorful fabric mats are inspected by a gray cat.These mini-quilts feature fun cat-print fabrics and a "secret" pocket for the included organic catnip. Cats love them, cuddling, kicking, chewing and generally whooping it up with them before curling up on them to sleep off all the activity. The mats are available for $20. Contact PHA by phone or email. All proceeds go to the new shelter construction fund.

Leather Mice

A red and black leather mouse measures almost 1 foot nose to tail.These good-sized cat toys made of scraps of colorful leather are stuffed with top-quality catnip, providing long-lasting fun for most cats. Some make it their day's work to chew them up, starting with the ears. The mice are available for $10 from PHA board members. As with the cat mats, all proceeds will go to the new shelter construction fund.

Hand-made dog toys

Toys made of rope knotted in the middle with two to four braided handles of varying lengths and thicknesses. Made of rope and tennis balls, these toys are good exercise for both dog and owner. They can be thrown or just used for a rousing game of tug-of-war. The toys are available for $10. Proceeds go toward PHA's operating expenses, including spay/neuter scholarships and shelter costs.

Help Wanted

Shelter Volunteers:
Love of animals, especially cats, necessary.

  • Regular shelter care volunteers must be able to commit to a regular schedule. Dependability essential. Another volunteer is needed for Saturdays.
  • Volunteers are also wanted to fill in as needed for those on regular schedules.
  • Animal socializers are also very welcome most any time.

Dog Walkers:
Love of dogs and ability to control medium- to large-size dogs necessary.

Love of dogs and/or cats necessary. Must be able to have pets in home.

Contact PHA at 518-1091

Adoptable Pets

Buddy is an alert black short-haired cat with big golden eyes.

Tabitha is a short-haired dark gray tabby cat with white chest and paws.

Star is an orange tabby male kitten resting behind his mother, Theresa, another short-haired orange tabby,  Moon, a short-haired all-white tabby nuzzles his mother from the front.
Star, Theresa, (Moon)

Sky is a short-haired orange tabby kitten with white  feet.

2 female kittens

Updated: November 7, 2018

The Petersburg Humane Association exists to eliminate cruelty to and suffering of animals by promoting compassion and kindness toward domestic and companion animals. Contact us via mail at PO Box 1417, Petersburg, AK 99833, by voice mail at 907-518-1091 and leave your phone number, or by e-mail at
The Petersburg Humane Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Federal ID# 92-0166958. All donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.