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Buddy, a black short-haired male has pale gold eyes.


Short-haired black male

A skinny boy who had some severe trauma at sea before he came to us, Buddy still makes friends easily - on his own terms. He has an overactive thyroid which requires twice-daily medication and he prefers dry to canned food. He's slowly putting on weight again and is looking for a furrever home shoreside.



Adult short-haired tortie female

Tabitha is a sweetheart; a beautiful, totally loving cat with medical conditions that need regular, ongoing treatments.


Theresa is an orange tabby surrounded by her kittens, Star, an orange tabby with a white bib, and Moon, a white kitten with pink ears.

Star      Theresa      (Moon)

Short-haired young female and two male kittens

Theresa is a 1 to 1½-year-old orange tabby female who is very protective of her four kittens. She is not socialized and warns visitors off her kittens with hisses. Once her kittens are gone, she will be spayed and ready to leave the shelter.

Star is a beautiful but camera-shy orange male kitten with a white bib. Star is playful but very skittish and still afraid of people. A person needs patience to be able to approach him. Moon is an all-white kitten who has been adopted.

Sky is a short-haired orange tabby with white feet and some white on his face.


Short-haired orange tabby male kitten

Sky is a shy boy with white feet and big green eyes. Like his brothers, he is still skittish around people but is slowly becoming more socialized and will sit on a lap and accept petting with enough patience on the part of the volunteer. He will soon be old enough to leave his mother for a forever home.

2 female kittens

Around 10 weeks old at the end of September, these playful sisters are well socialized, very willing to be picked up and will sit on a lap (until something more interesting is going on on the floor, anyway). There are some well developed purr motors here. They've never missed their litter boxes. They will occasionally step in a water dish, but then, nobody's perfect..


Updated: October 28,2018