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Animal Fostering Policy

Mission Statement

It is the shared belief of Petersburg Humane Association (PHA) members that all domesticated animals deserve to live in loving homes; homes in which our animal friends can count on shelter from the elements, food to eat, medical care (including spaying and neutering), respect, and loving attention from "their humans." Sadly, we acknowledge, that not all creatures have been afforded these minimum standards of care. Petersburg Humane Association's ultimate goal is to find responsible, lifelong homes for the animals that have come to rely on our protection out of necessity.

Time Commitment

PHA's animal fostering program is a temporary solution for the animals that come into our care. Only animals who are not known to have exhibited potentially dangerous tendencies or other serious behavior problems will be offered foster placements in homes in our community. PHA asks that foster families commit to a twenty-one to thirty day placement of any animal in their home in order to give the PHA adoption committee time to find a responsible, loving, permanent adoptive home. Of course, if the animal is causing hardship in the home, for any reason, every effort will be made by PHA volunteers to immediately find another placement.

Available Resources

Petersburg Humane Association recognizes that not all animal foster families have the economic resources to provide fully for an additional animal in their care. For this reason, food is available upon request to help foster families care for the additional pet. Additionally, PHA will attempt to provide the following items if you do not have them: leashes, food and water bowls, outside shelters, etc. Please ask us if you lack any item that will assist you in caring for the animal. Although all animals are given a health screening when they come in to PHA's care, additional medical needs may become apparent after the animal has arrived in your home. PHA will provide limited medical care for foster animals in our care.

Liability Issues

Due to the inherently unpredictable nature of animals that have not been provided consistent loving care, Petersburg Humane Association requires that its animal foster parents sign a release document, releasing PHA from any liability. This document states that the Association makes no guarantees about an animal's temperament, despite our best efforts to screen them, and that PHA will not be held liable for injuries caused by an animal in a foster or adoptive home. The signed release statement is born out of necessity, to protect the association's meager budget, so that we may continue in our efforts to care for the animals in need in our community and find foster and adoptive placement for these and other animals in the future.

Foster Home-Animal Matching

Petersburg Humane Association will make every effort to make an appropriate match to your family's needs when placing an animal in temporary care, Potential foster parents will be screened and asked to fill out a brief questionnaire about their animal preferences and the resources they have available in their home to care for the animal.