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Petersburg Humane Association   Photos of a young husky and a collie with two orange cats on a colorful sofa

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Did You Know?

Of Dogs and Cats

It appears that dogs domesticated themselves some 15,000 years ago, looking for food in our scrap piles. Smart dogs.

Cats were a harder sell. They finally decided that we might be of service to them around 7,000 years ago when our granaries attracted a nice supply of rodents. Since then they have fairly successfully trained us to meet their needs.

There are 701 kinds of pure breed dogs, only 100 breeds of cats. (Does this mean that cats are naturally so wonderful they didn’t have to be bred to be any different?) The only domestic cat native to North America is the Maine Coon.

The expression "three dog night" originated with the Eskimos to describe a very cold night - so cold that you have to bed down with three dogs to keep warm. And it has been scientifically proven that stroking a cat can lower one’s blood pressure. So snuggle up with your favorite dog or cat and keep healthy and warm!


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When you can’t shop local and turn to Amazon, go to
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Read about the program and name the Petersburg Humane Association as your charity. Then shop at Amazon Smile will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchases to PHA at no cost to you.


Ivar (top) and Matilda, a bonded pair. They are seniors looking for a home together. If you are interested in adopting these two, call the PHA at 907-518-1091 and leave a voice message. Your call will be returned.


Walk Your Dog in a Safe Place

No need to deal with trucks, construction zones or other traffic to give your dog some exercise. The Petersburg Humane Association (PHA) provides a public dog park on land leased from the Petersburg Borough. There are fenced areas where dogs can play off leash in a natural setting. Or you can take your canine pal on an unfenced trail through the muskeg and back. The entrance is off Haugen Drive above Sandy Beach Park.

Giving Tuesday 2022

Tuesday November 29, 2022

Please remember PHA as you support your favorite charities.

Have a Pet You Can't Keep?

Taking animals "out the road" and letting them go is sentencing them to a cruel death. If you have animals you can't find homes for and can't keep, please call 907-518-1091 and give us a chance to help. Leave a clear voice mail with your phone number and a message. We'll call you back. (Please don't text to this number. The actual phone is not checked, only the voice mail.)

Have an Intact Pet You Can't Afford to Have Fixed?

Click here for an application for financial help with this.

Fund Raisers

Petersburg Pet Calendars

calendar cover showing orange tabby cat nose to nose with an orange bearded dragon lizard.Introducing Ivar (top picture) and Matilda, a bonded pair. They are seniors looking for a home together. If you are interested in adopting these two, call the PHA at 907-518-1091 and leave a voice message. Your call will be returned.



Catnip Cat Mats

Two colorful fabric mats.These mini-quilts feature fun cat-print fabrics and a "secret" pocket for the included organic catnip. Cats love them, cuddling, kicking, chewing and generally whooping it up with them before curling up on them to sleep off all the activity. The mats are available for $20. Contact PHA by phone or email. All proceeds go to the new shelter construction fund.


Hand-made dog toys

Toys made of rope knotted in the middle with two to four braided handles of varying lengths and thicknesses. Made of rope and tennis balls, these toys are good exercise for both dog and owner. They can be thrown or just used for a rousing game of tug-of-war. The toys are available for $10. Proceeds go toward PHA's operating expenses, including spay/neuter scholarships and shelter costs.


Flock a Friend

A pink plastic flamingo peers out of an oval containing more flamingos behind it.Every April, a visiting flock of (plastic) flamingos visits Petersburg, looking for good yards to rest in and prepare for the rest of their journey. For $10, you can send them to the yard of a friend or neighbor (or anybody else) for one day. They can donate $10 to have them removed or an additional $10 to send them to another yard. All proceeds go to helping our companion animals.

Help Wanted

Shelter Volunteer Coordinator:
Love of cats, dependability and strong sense of responsibility necessary.

  • Must coordinate volunteer schedules at the shelter to assure cats receive care every day.
  • Should seek additional volunteers to spread the load.
  • Must fill in as needed.

Shelter Volunteers:
Love of animals, especially cats, necessary.

  • Regular shelter care volunteers must be able to commit to a regular schedule. Dependability essential
  • Volunteers are also wanted to fill in as needed for those on regular schedules.
  • Animal socializers are also very welcome most any time.

Dog Walkers:
Love of dogs and ability to control medium- to large-size dogs necessary.

Love of dogs and/or cats necessary. Must be able to have pets in home.

Contact PHA at 907-518-1091

Adoptable Pets



Updated: November 22, 2022

The Petersburg Humane Association exists to eliminate cruelty to and suffering of animals by promoting compassion and kindness toward domestic and companion animals. Contact us via mail at PO Box 1417, Petersburg, AK 99833, by voice mail at 907-518-1091 and leave your phone number, or by e-mail at
The Petersburg Humane Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, Federal ID# 92-0166958. All donations are deductible to the full extent allowed by law.